Annual Conference of Marine Technology

«The Challenges of 2030, Technologies and Regulations»

Implications of new IMO and EU measurements and standards for emission reduction by ships

Organized by Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology

Welcome Remarks by Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis


The Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (H.I.M.T.) organized the 2021 Annual Conference entitled “The Challenges of 2030, Technologies and Regulations” on December 2nd at the Eugenides Foundation.

The H.I.M.T. conference aimed to emphasize cutting-edge issues of Marine Technology, and in combination with the protection of the environment.

The IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador representing Greece, Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, addressed welcome remarks, emphasizing that the IMO, as the only advocate of consistent international shipping regulations, has as its main objective the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13, taking serious initiative in this direction with a strategy that reaches the end of the 21st century.

He referred to alternative fuels and the proper design of ships, as well as the necessary measures for the effective management of the existing tonnage, underlining its importance and stressed that the European Union is present, but the European Regulations should not only be environmentally ambitious but also realistically applicable, based on the proper impact studies and always under the IMO regulations.