Re-election of Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis as IMO Goodwill Ambassador

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, at an honorary event held at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Minister Mr. Christos Stylianides awarded Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis the certificate of renewal of his incumbency as IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador, expressing in this way the recognition for his active contribution to the effort to promote the work of the IMO.

Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis was re-elected to continue his activity for a fourth two-year term (1 two-year term as IMO Maritime Ambassador and 3 two-year terms as IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador), offering an opportunity to the young people of our country to get to know and “embrace” the maritime profession, which is inextricably linked to our history and tradition.

The Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, in a relevant statement, welcomed the renewal of Mr. Evgenidis’ term as IMO Ambassador and pointed out the need for the presence of notable personalities of our country in international organizations.

During the previous years, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis has been constantly sharing his passion and love for the shipping world, trying to attract the new generation, by emphasizing that shipping and the sea are always accessible for those who love and understand them.

The challenges of the maritime profession are numerous, but the prospects are much more, and the Goodwill Maritime Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization in Greece is an active supporter of young people who want to pursue this interesting and full-of-surprises profession.