Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis receives an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Piraeus

Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, IMO Ambassador in Greece and President of the Eugenides Foundation was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus. During the ceremony he mentioned: 

“The Eugenides Foundation, since it was first established in 1956, contributes to the Technical, Professional and Marine Education of young Greeks through a wide range of actions aiming to address current challenges and create skilled members of the Greek economy.

Today, the Eugenides Foundation continues to contribute effectively towards the positive reform of marine and maritime education and training so that the Greek and European shipping industry meets the technological challenges of the future and simultaneously provides a way out for thousands of young people who are looking for work with prospects.

The above is of great importance as the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has identified as a key factor for the future of seafaring and the maritime industry, the need to properly attract the youth towards the naval and seafaring professions.

As the IMO Ambassador in Greece, I believe that this “challenge” is of crucial importance. All of us involved in the maritime education, it is our obligation to spread the word and raise awareness of the positive benefits of a career in the maritime industry and, invite the young to attend marine studies. Furthermore, there is an urgent need to commence a productive dialogue between stakeholders and educational institutions to redefine the knowledge and skills required for the Greek maritime professionals. In this respect, it is essential to develop a maritime training and skills development strategy that will lead to competitive young graduates.

I am confident that our educational institutions, including the exceptional position of the University of Piraeus, will be able to provide the necessary competitive skills that are required nowadays.

In the maritime professions, graduates, through interdisciplinary knowledge and practical training, must obtain the necessary skills to ensure access to the demanding globalized labor market. They must be able to perceive the big picture and integrate their daily actions within this context.

With modern technologies, sensors, and innovative applications, the gap between the seafaring positions and land positions has narrowed. Although seamanship remains a prerequisite for seafarers, it is not enough for the officers in charge of the ship. Nor is theoretical knowledge sufficient for office personnel. It is important that the educational process ignites the passion of the students into the paths of knowledge and the acquisition of complex skills.”