IMO Ambassador visits the 1st Vocational High School “Evgenios Evgenidis” of Didymoteicho, Thrace

The IMO Ambassador Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, accompanied by professionals from the Eugenides Foundation, visited the 1st Vocational High School in Didymoteicho aiming to attract young people to the marine and maritime professions.

The lack of marine and maritime vocational high schools and Merchant Marine Academies in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace was the reason for the IMO Ambassador’s visit. He presented the opportunities and prospects of a successful future in the marine and maritime professions, highlighting the advantages contrary to other professions.

Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis stressed the need to attract young people who wish to follow such a career path and noted that these professions are also a passport for acquiring unique experience and skills for their professional and personal development.

The naming ceremony of the high school to “1st Vocational High School Didymoteicho – Evgenios Evgenidis” also took place during the IMO Ambassador’s visit. Evgenios Evgenidis was born, near the border, in Didymoteicho, started his career in trading and shipping and became one of the greatest benefactors of Greece. The naming ceremony took place at the Auditorium of the High School by the Director of the Vocational High School, Mr. George Bozatzidis. The Mayor of Didymoteicho Mr. Paraskevas Patsouridis, the Secondary Education Director of Evros Mr. Stergios Apostolakoudis, local authorities, parents and students also attended the ceremony.

The objective of the event was to attract students to the marine and maritime professions and the creation of a maritime Vocational School or a maritime sector at the Vocational High School of Didymoteicho. The total attendance at the event exceeded 350 people.