The IMO and its MEPC special committee are the right mechanisms and organizations to manage the green transition of shipping

The President of the Eugenides Foundation and IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador in Greece, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, participated in the 7th “SLIDE2OPEN SHIPPING FINANCE 2024” conference, discussing with distinguished guests the sustainability of the shipping industry, with a view to balancing economic development in relation to environmental responsibility.

Mr. Evgenidis underlined the importance of a holistic, scientific approach to the green transition of shipping while stressing that the IMO and especially the MEPC special committee are the appropriate mechanisms and organizations to handle the situation. Mr. Evgenidis commented that in an ideal scenario, manufacturers would design and build engines, then shipbuilders would design the new ships and then set the standards that would be provided globally, regulating everything from safety to energy. “Instead, we are in a situation where the shipping industry is being blamed for other people’s mistakes,” he said.

Mr. Evgenidis also mentioned the importance of the human factor in shipping, presenting the necessary soft skills. As he said, soft skills refer to the ability to adapt, evolve and upgrade. The President of the Foundation also noted the lack of human resources recorded in specialized professionals in several branches of work such as tourism, industry, shipping, etc. Finally, he stated that his dream for the training of Greek sailors is to be able to be at the helm not only of Greek shipping but also of the world.