On Tuesday, November 12, IMO Ambassador, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis addressed  200 students of the 1st High School in Volos during the informational event “Marine and Maritime professions: Invitation to the sea”.

The event was organized by the 1st High School of Volos aiming to inform the students on the marine and maritime professions and their prospects.
Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis mentioned that Greece is the world’s leading shipping force, in terms of tonnage, represents half of the EU and 20% of worldwide shipping. The Greek-owned fleet accounts for 4,800 ships, and, now employs 6,500 officers, but the needs are double or even more than three times higher.

Furthermore, he stressed that the shipping industry creates jobs, but it is the maritime education that prepares and provides the proper skills to young seafarers. Continuing education and training, as well as the professionalism of those pursuing a seafaring career, lead to an increased income and advancement of their career prospects at sea.

As the maritime skills requirements increase, so does the needed maritime training requirements in order to meet the skills of the future seafarers. Simultaneously, the prospects of employability of recent university graduates in the maritime professions are high, as Greek universities provide an excellent education.

Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis addressed the students as the Ambassador of the International Maritime Organization representing Greece. The IMO is called upon to lead and defend the shipping industry with long-term solutions that will support the development of the marine and maritime professions, contributing to the safe and environmentally friendly transport of people and goods.

The IMO Ambassador highlighted the importance of attracting the youth to the maritime profession in a proper manner in order to reach the young people who are inclined to these professions. A particularly important factor in this process is the image of shipping and the awareness of the positive image of modern Greek shipping by society. The seafaring profession is highly rewarding both in financial and extroversion terms and the gain of knowledge and experience will be valuable resources for the future of the young professionals.

Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis spoke extensively about the history of Volos and its connection with the sea and expressed his particular satisfaction with the active participation of the students in the event.

Concluding his speech, Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis emphasized: “I want you to bear in mind that in order to move forward in life, you need passion in what you do. you need to fight and feel that with knowledge, skills, patience, and perseverance, but mainly with hard work, you can achieve all your goals.”

Τhe IMO Ambassador’s colleagues from the Eugenides Foundation addressed the students, Ms. Lia Pantazopoulou presented the types of ships and the importance of shipping in Greece and the world, and Mr. Dimitris Papachristos, discussed the ways in which students can to pursue marine and maritime professions. Finally, shipbroker, Mr. George Christou, presented the maritime professions and their prospects in Greece.

Apart from the students, members of the educational community and local bodies participated in the event.

Following the end of the event, the IMO Ambassador visited the premises of the 2nd Vocational High School of Nea Ionia Volos, which holds a special sector for merchant marine captains and engineers and discussed with the school’s educational staff on infrastructure and educational issues.