“Choosing a career in Shipping” event at the Eugenides Foundation

The magazine Naftika Chronika and the Eugenides Foundation organized on Saturday, November 24th, the event ‘Choosing a career in Shipping’ at the Eugenides Foundation.

The IMO Ambassador in Greece, Mr. Leonidas Dimitriadis Evgenides, opened the event referring to the challenges of the marine and maritime professions.

He stressed that Greek Shipping will continue to exist thanks to the young people who choose seafaring professions. Those who choose a career in the maritime industry must love their profession but also need to have the necessary knowledge required. He characterized the profession as a ‘passport’ which can open many doors.

He also mentioned that the maritime industry does not suffer from unemployment.

He also referred to the important role of the State in supporting and promoting maritime education. Furthermore, he talked about new technological developments, and specifically for automated ships, and mentioned that the challenges and specifications for young seafarers are increasing and that is why the Eugenides Foundation’s main concern has always been to support and promote the technical training.

Finally, closing his speech, he wanted to advise the young, not to be disappointed with the difficulties that may arise, but to navigate with their knowledge and love for the marine and maritime professions.