The Merchant Marine Academies of the country are “incubators” of seamanship
All-day information event for the new generation of students at Aspropyrgos Merchant Marine Academy with leading shipping companies

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the “Choose Shipping” event anchored at the Aspropyrgos Merchant Marine Academy, where hundreds of students were informed by the leading executives of the Greek shipping industry about life at sea. The President of the Eugenides Foundation and Goodwill Maritime Ambassador of the IMO, Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, in his greeting speech to the country’s young sailors, referred to the new “incubators” of seamanship, which now contribute impressively to the employment of Greek-owned ships, but also to the need to plan specific actions and initiatives by the institutional representatives of shipping to inform students in secondary education. Along with the celebration of Women in Shipping Day, as mandated by the IMO to be celebrated on May 18, Mr. Evgenidis noted that one of the biggest challenges facing shipping is attracting young women to the maritime profession. According to the IMO Maritime Ambassador, the Organization for 2023 is implementing a network of actions to highlight the importance of cooperation and networking in achieving gender equality in the maritime sector. An example of such actions are the associations of Women in Shipping established by the IMO, which pave the way for the support and encouragement of women in shipping as well as preparing the next generation to join this global family.