The Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra visits the Eugenides Foundation

On Friday, April 19, 2019, the students of the Merchant Marine Academy of Hydra during their meeting with the IMO Ambassador in Greece and the President of the Eugenides Foundation, Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, were informed about the prospects of seafarer professions.

The students had the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Evgenidis, who as IMO Ambassador, informed them of the latest developments in the maritime occupations, but also of the distinctive role they are expected to play in the future of the maritime industry.

Mr. Evgenidis stressed that they who choose the maritime professions should have love for them and that they should progress with knowledge as their main asset. Furthermore, he added that the maritime professions serve as a “passport” which opens many and different paths to everyone.

In closing his speech, he advised the young not to be disappointed with the difficulties they may encounter in the professional arena.

In addition, the students of the Merchant Marine Academy watched an informational video about IMO’s 70-year anniversary, its contribution to shipping, and its role to the global economy, environmental protection, and seafarer safety.

The Director of the Department of Maritime Education of the Ministry of Maritime and Insular Policy Mr. Alexandros Tselikis also attended the event.