With a warm speech from the heart, the President of the Eugenides Foundation and IMO Maritime Ambassador Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis welcomed dozens of students from the country’s Merchant Marine Academies to the auditorium of the Eugenides Foundation.

Young people studying at the Universities of Epirus, Kefalonia, Kymi, Hydra, Syros, Kalymnos, Aspropyrgos, and the Metropolitan College came in touch with leading companies in the field and were informed about the challenges of the industry, the peculiarities of each type of ship at the event “I choose Shipping” at the Eugenides Foundation from Naftika Chronika.

“It is always a special pleasure for us to host the “Choose Shipping” event and the dialogue between students and shipping companies. For us, it is very important that the dialogue begins dynamically with the shipping companies without fear, so that there is the necessary communication and familiarity, and contact with the operation of the IMO, the International Maritime Organization. In shipping seafarers must have the courage of opinion and respect, and for students who have already chosen shipping to follow a profession of the heart is a life relationship, a passport. I do not believe that a sailor’s career should begin and end on a ship. In shipping, there are many paths that open as long as two conditions are met: the commitment to work and continuous education. We are in the age of skills, which, however, need both “hard” knowledge and a lifelong learning mentality,” said the President of the Eugenides Foundation, Leonidas Dimitriadis-Evgenidis, in his opening speech. “The prospects for a young person involved in shipping from day one are very good, but it is up to the new generation to make them even better. Have a great journey!” he concluded.