«Leadership in Shipping: the Greek paradigm»
University of the Aegean, Chios

The IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador Mr. Dimitriadis-Evgenidis had the opportunity to discuss with the “MBA in Shipping” postgraduate students at a special event organized by the University of the Aegean, held on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, in Chios, on the issues of leadership, leadership characteristics and attracting young people to maritime and shipping professions.

In the interesting interactive presentation and exchange of views in the “Leadership in Shipping: The Greek paradigm” section, the importance of acquiring not only knowledge and skills, but also the development of leadership qualities of young people who intend to follow the maritime professions was stated.

At the same time, the necessity of creating a framework for lifelong learning and increasing knowledge and skills for maritime and shipping professions, in a constantly changing environment in order to ensure the uninterrupted operation of maritime transport in ways/methods that are efficient and environmentally friendly.

The participation of the 50 students was particularly impressive and active.